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The Brink Eco Estate homes


The Brink Eco Estate joins hands with you in creating your dream home on your chosen property. Each site is dramatic and unique to this end we have developed, together with leading architects, an architectural guideline that will enable you to, within the parameters set, design your magnificent coastal home. On request we will ensure an architect is called in to help you decide which property will best suit your lifestyle and design ideas.

The architecture calls for spacious living with decks and windows taking in the spectacular views on offer.


At The Brink, your dream home deserves a dream interior. We have partnered with the leading interior decorators in the Southern Cape to ensure you have access to a world of options in creating the correct mood for each room.


It goes without saying that a magnificent home deserves a magnificent landscaped garden. Luckily nature has provided us with the natural fynbos that our landscapers need to work with, thus ensuring a win win situation for nature and our owners. Many homes may be left vacant for parts of the year and upkeep of homes becomes an issue. Not so at The Brink as the natural vegetation is best left alone. Simple maintenance of your landscaped areas is all that is required.